Ariana (aka Anna Snodgrass) is one of only 8 Certified Lipsologists and the first Certified Teacher of
Lipsology in the world and the first one on the East Coast Certified in the fun and entertaining practice of Lipsology!

What is Lipsology?

Lipsology® is the art and science of reading lip prints. Ariana was trained as a Certified Lipsologist by founder/developer Jilly Eddy who came up with this astoundingly accurate system more than 30 years ago on the West coast of the US. Jilly has well over 10,000 lip prints in her collection and spent 20 years making sure her system was anecdotally 80% to 100% accurate in order to have the best and most accurate system of Lipsology to teach and the best and most highly trained Lipsologists certified in her Lipsology system which is why there are currently only 8 Certified Lipsologists worldwide. Jilly released her book called “Lipsology – The Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints” in 2014 and it is available on Amazon in e-book and print on demand formats. Now that Jilly has retired from teaching Lipsology, Ariana and Laura West are the two Certified teachers of the Jilly Eddy Lipsology system.

Lipsology will tell you personality traits, energy levels, emotions, some physical/health information and more! Using kiss cards specifically designed for your event, Ariana collects your guests’ kisses and interprets their meanings for your guests. There are 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories so there’s a huge amount of data per lip print. Each lip print is like a fingerprint in that it is unique to the individual. However, lip prints change all the time based on emotional states such as whether you are in a good mood, tired, happy, energetic, feeling creative and much more!

Before and After Vacation

These lip prints show a gal before and after her vacation. She used the same amount of lipstick and even the same lipstick before her trip and after and yet the first set are pale. No matter how much lipstick you put on, when you are tired and washed out, so will your lip prints be.

Before and After Bypass Surgery

In this photo are a set of prints from before a “sleeve” type of bypass surgery and then 10 weeks later. The gal who had this done had a serious infection after the surgery and was just recovering from that infection when she did the 2nd set of prints. The area that we consider having to do with digestion and the “gut” is the lower lip print. Notice how much smaller the 2nd set are than the first! Also, note how pale the center of the prints are in the 2nd set. This indicates exhaustion. I was told by the person doing the prints that she had slept nearly round the clock for weeks after the surgery. She has recovered her health and is doing better and better now.

Ariana often gets asked “What if someone has had filler put into their lips? Does it affect their reading?” She has the beginnings of an answer now.

In this photo are 2 sets of prints from different dates. The first one is without the filler and the 2nd is with. Even though the gal had her lips plumped up, it did not show in the print. The prints with the filler actually are thinner on the print than the ones without!


Because of the amazing amounts of detail that can be found in a lip print there’s so much to know that it can take up to a year or more to learn how to do Lipsology (depending upon how busy the student is). Much like handwriting analysis, there are hundreds of data points to learn and once learned, putting it all together to help folks understand what messages their lip prints have for them is quite satisfying both for the reader and the “readee”.


Example Lip Prints:

Big – Similar to large writing in handwriting, BIG lip prints show a BIG personality!

Diamond – You sparkle and shine! Like the triangle lip print, you help others to succeed. You also give back to your community and can be a great mentor!

Creative – The wavy lip print indicates that you are creative – you think outside the box and may be talented in the arts.

Ghost – Pale and almost invisible – these prints say you need a break!

Fuller Lower Lip Print – You are generous and expressive! You are able to share your ideas – teaching, writing, speaking, performing or something similar.