Hire Ariana for Your Next Event!


Hire Ariana to come and entertain in unique fashion at your bridal shower, birthday party, wedding, bachelorette party, anniversary, corporate events, trade shows, wine tastings (Lips & Sips), chocolate themed parties (Chocolate & Kisses), grand openings, lipstick line launches, spa lip launches, corporate holiday events and much more! Ariana will amaze and entertain your guests at your special event and send them home with a unique memento that will have your logo and theme on it.

Here’s what Ariana’s setup looks like at a typical event. She can also be flexible regarding the space and setup. Talk with Ariana to find out more.

The Kissing Station Materials
Ariana at The Kissing Station
The Gals in Line Taking a Closer Look at the Signs
Kiss Cards in Hand, the Crowd Lines Up for Their Readings

“My guests had the best time with you at my party! Even though more guests wanted to try lipsology with you than anticipated you never seemed frazzled or made anyone feel rushed or gave “canned” readings. I’ve lost count of how many people expressed amazement at your accuracy. One person actually thought I had provided you with information beforehand!! You were a great addition to the evening…and it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.” – D. from Maryland… Read More on the Testimonials Page


Want a Certified Lipsologist to entertain at your event but you live far away from the DC area or outside of the USA?

You have 2 options:

  1. Fly Ariana to your location (contact Ariana for details).
  2. A Virtual Certified Lipsologist! Using the internet, Ariana will entertain your guests “virtually.” All you need is a good internet connection, a computer desktop or laptop or television able to connect with the internet, and someone with a camera in their phone to take pictures of your guests’ kisses (on their kiss cards). Then, email those lip print pictures to Ariana and the party is on! It’s easy!

Ready to Book A Virtual Party with Ariana?

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(240) 232-2707

I just wanted to send a thank you again for coming to our Gala! We are gearing up for this year’s Gala and I wanted to extend a personal note seeing if you would be interested in being there with your Lipsology again. Everyone loved your services and our guests LOVE you!!Crystal – Development Coordinator – CCFA Maryland… Read More on the Testimonials Page


Want an in-depth one-on-one private reading? Ariana can do this over the phone, in person, by email, or by Skype or other video chat. Here are all the options explained:

  • In Person – If you live in the DC area or are visiting, call or email Ariana to arrange a private reading for yourself and your friends.
  • Over the phone, Skype/FaceTime etc., or email – all you need to do is follow the written instructions below and you can arrange to do a reading by phone, Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts, or email.

Here’s how to get your lip prints to Ariana so you can have your private reading

  1. Get a sheet of blank white paper (without lines).
  2. Get a strong colored lipstick (red, burgundy, crimson, violet, etc.) and apply to your lips. (Do not use matte lipstick, lip gloss, or balm. Ariana needs a strong print that is easy to see.)
  3. Kiss the paper.
  4. Re-apply the lipstick and kiss the paper again (do this step as many times as you like – Ariana’s minimum is 3 kisses).
  5. Now, number each of the kisses in the order you made them.
  6. Next, write your name and the date on the paper.
  7. Place a single coin near the kisses (so Ariana can figure out the size of the kisses).
  8. Take a good, clear picture of the lip prints.
  9. Option 2 – if you have a scanner, scan the prints (no coin needed for this) and save them as a pdf or jpg file.
  10. Lastly, send your lip prints to Ariana at lipsology@gmail.com

Now, contact Ariana (with the same email address or by phone) to schedule your lip print reading. Please state your preferred way to do the reading, i.e., email, phone, Skype, etc.


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Ready to Book Your One–on–One Session with Ariana?

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