CCFA2014Smilingup2Ariana Lightningstorm has been a sought after professional/corporate, private, and party reader/entertainer for over 40 years to rave reviews.

During her 40 years of experience, Ariana has been doing various kinds of insightful readings as well as being trained in various alternative healing techniques such as healing touch, acupressure and breathwork.

As a Lipsologist, Ariana gives people a way to look at themselves a little differently, creates a lot of fun and laughter, and gives your guests something to take home with them (their kiss card) to remember the great event they were at. Lipsology will create lots of excitement both at your event and for a long time afterwards.

With her intuitive, compassionate and light-hearted approach, she interprets carefully and accurately the messages your lip prints have for you to the delight and amazement of you and your guests.

Ariana was trained as a Certified Lipsologist by the founder, Jilly Eddy in her astoundingly accurate system of lip print reading that she came up with more than 30 years ago. Jilly has over 100,000 lip prints in her collection and she researched her Lipsology system for more than 30 years. She spent 14 years codifying her system before she started certifying students in order to have the best and most accurate system of Lipsology to teach and the best and most highly trained Lipsologists certified in her Lipsology system. Ariana was Jilly’s first Certified Teacher of Lipsology. With her, you can learn to be a Certified Lipsologist and join the exclusive few who can share and entertain with the messages people’s lip prints have for them!



What Other Cool Things Does Ariana Do? Lots!

Ariana has also been doing palmistry and tarot readings for over 40 years and owns a booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival called Ancient Mysteries Divination. She started reading tarot at age 10 and palms at 14 and uses these methods to help bring people to a happier more fulfilled future empowering them to find their best path forward. She has also been doing Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) for over 15 years professionally. So, if you are looking for some prognosticating… Ariana can do that as well. She also works most Wednesdays at Sacred Circle Bookstore in Old Town Alexandria, VA, doing private readings for folks in all of her methodologies.


Ministry Certificate Anna

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Ariana also does energetic healing work. She has been trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Life Coaching. Visit Ancient Mysteries for more information on her healing work and her other reading methods.

Ariana has a band called KIVA (Music for Your Spirit) who has celebrated their 31st year and has over 11 albums available. You can listen to clips on her band website and find links to streaming and download sites as well.


Last, but not least, Ariana is a minister and has performed several weddings and renewals of vows ceremonies most often at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. She has also officiated at destination weddings and local weddings in the last several years.  Visit her Facebook for photos and more information.