Testimonials from some of Ariana's (Anna Snodgrass') clients

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"I have to tell you I have NEVER gotten MORE COMPLIMENTS about anyone you have sent me as I did with Ariana. Everyone, every day, absolutely loved her. She was definitely the hit of all of the events. She was fantastic and so pleasant! Thank you!!"
S. with a A DC Based Entertainment Company

I just wanted to thank you again for providing your intriguing gift with our clients last week. You, of course, were a HUGE hit! People are still talking about how they loved their readings. Personally, it was great to get re-read after my initial reading some months ago. It was still spot on and directly related to what my current state in life is. Lips are transparent!
Kasey, Senior Catering Sales Executive, Renaissance Washington, DC

We had such a blast and have told so many people how amazing and spot on you were in your reading.
Sandy, Columbia, SC

Here's a link to a wonderful Blog called Life is Pichey and her comments on my Lip Print Reading for her. Life is Pichey

"My guests had the best time with you at my party! Even though more guests wanted to try lipsology with you than anticipated you never seemed frazzled or made anyone feel rushed or gave "canned" readings. I've lost count of how many people expressed amazement at your accuracy. One person actually thought I had provided you with information beforehand!! You were a great addition to the evening...and it was a pleasure to meet and work with you."
D. from Maryland

***Thanks for a great lip print reading yesterday Ariana. You were spot on. Highly recommend!!!
Katrina from DC

Iloved the Lipsology and so did the girls, you really did a great job. Now I see why you love it. Thanks again for helping to make my party extra special and for being such a wonderful support for my best year yet!
Lindsey from DC

"I was amazed that Ariana could learn so much from a set of Lip prints. Highly recommended!

T. Store owner in Northern VA."

"Ariana did a lip print reading for me this summer. Her reading indicated that something major was about to happen to me but not to worry because I would be fine. About a week later I suffered a major seizure and passed out at the office. I had never had a seizure before so there was nothing in my medical history that could have influenced her. I am currently fine and have had no recurrances for many months nor have the doctors found anything wrong with me. I'm impressed."
H. Programmer in Northern VA.

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