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What Is Lipsology?

Lipsology, the art of lip print reading, is a fun, yet skill based tool (similar in some ways to handwriting analysis) that can be used to learn about personality traits, energy levels, state of mind, and even some information about current or older health issues. There are 25 categories of lip prints and over 100 sub-categories so there's a lot of data for a Lipsologist to read and learn about you. This information is gathered based on the size, shape, color intensity, and special markings of your lip prints.

How is Lipsology Done?
Using kiss cards personalized for your event, Ariana collects the kisses of your guests at her “kissing station” and then interprets your guests lip prints with humor and skill.
Everything you need to have a Lipsology event is provided by Ariana (unless otherwise arranged). She brings lipsticks, mirrors, (tissues & cold cream to take the lipstick off), pens and personalized "Kiss Cards" for your guests to make their lip prints on and keep as a rememberance of your event.
Your guests/clients apply lipstick (women AND men), and make several lip prints on their "Kiss Cards" which Ariana then interprets with discretion and humor.

The History of Lipsology

Founder, Jilly Eddy, started this awesome form of personality profiling in an interesting way. She had a business called "Lips Limosine" and she purchased a book called "With love from..." which was a book of "lipographs" collected by a children's fundraising group in England. This coffee table book was graced by her brother's lip print next to Mick Jagger's saying "Mine is just as good!" This started all sorts of friends and family kissing the book and then Jilly put out lipsticks and blank books for her friends to kiss. She ended up with so many lip prints that someone did an article on her and she was invited to be on the "Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" more than 30 years ago. She had not yet started to interpret the meaning of the kisses. Someone on the show asked her what they might mean and that set Jilly on a quest to discover what those lip prints might say about a person. She collected over 10,000 lip prints and spent more than 20 years researching them to come up with a system of interpretations that were 80%-100% accurate. She traveled all over entertaining with her Lipsology, even traveling to England and Germany! Once she got to her desired 80-100% accuracy level, she started to train and certify Lipsologists starting in or about the year 2005. Ariana was the 5th person Jilly trained and Certified in 2011 and she was the first Certified Lipsologist on the East coast of the US. In 2014 Ariana was the first person to be Certified to teach Lipsology (aside from Jilly, the founder) in the world!

Some possible types of lip prints are -

BIG - Similar to large writing in handwriting, BIG lip prints show a BIG personality.

Ghost - Pale and almost invisible - these prints say you need a break!

Triangle - Supports others in doing what they do best.

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